DIY Magnet Board

Living in an apartment with a tiny kitchen I found the easiest way to baby proof is to keep a baby gate up in the doorway. It makes kitchen tasks much easier, but I realized Harrison never really gets to experience the joy of playing with refrigerator magnets. Then I remembered something I saw while perusing  Pinterest so I decided to give it a try!

Craft level: Easy
Cost: under $20

What you will need:
Oil drip pan ($11 at Walmart)
Command picture hanging strips or screws

This is a pretty self explanatory project! You may want to wash off the pan if it has an oily coat to it especially if you are using the command  strips. Other than that it’s as simple as finding a spot you like and hanging with the method of your choice. (I used the command strips to avoid damaging the walls and put one in each corner.)

I purchased a pack of alphabet magnets for .75 cents and I also had some fun making my own! I bought some large foam letters & a roll of magnet tape and hot glued the magnets onto the letters. You could also add magnets to puzzle pieces, laminated pictures, scrabble pieces, and flash cards! *Just remember to make sure they are the appropriate size for your child to avoid a chocking hazard.*

You can do a lot of other fun things with it too! Contact paper, spray paint, chalkboard paint, etc. I didn’t have too many options since there was a blizzard outside, but when summer comes I might try and do more with it.


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